The Attack of the Word Gnats

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I’m a visual learner. Emotions connect to images which hang in the space behind my eyes, ready for interpretation. A scene is conjured when experience asks for meaning. If needed, scenes are translated into speech.

In particularly intense & fast learning periods, ideas & concepts (instead of images) swoop through my vision, waiting for absorption.

But with the writing, oh the writing…

emotions attach to words…
before they can resolve into images or ideas

Images are vast, full-color, balanced, extending the full length and breadth of my vision.

But words are tiny. And they move.

they are mixed up, directionless,
tiny specks racing across the cornea,
spinning and tripping over one another,
like little gnats

All. Day. Long.

trying to catch and focus them
is like following a floater
creating blur and burn behind the eyes

I thought I’d stared at my computer screen too long — reading & scrolling.

But NO.

It’s the words.

Those tiny, little buggers.

They’re still there when the screen is closed, flying in and out of my vision.

i want to catch them,
to make them sit,
but they’re like a gaggle of six year olds
teasing a substitute

they won’t behave,
and just when i think i’ve coaxed them into place,
one trouble-maker darts up and races by
waving their arms
“look at me, look at me”

and the rest get up and follow
(how dare they)
limbs swinging, spinning,
giggling, mocking, cajoling

no wonder i keep them buried
so deep in my soul

where they belong

♡ Annie


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