Transitioning to Digital

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Now that we’re mostly moved in (good enough for now), it’s time to shift my focus back to the release of Phoenix, Oregon. We have an exciting few weeks ahead.

  • This Saturday May 16, we are doing a final theatrical-at-home event with a live virtual Q&A for all past and present customers and theaters.
  • Tuesday, May 19, pre-orders go on sale followed by two weeks of promotion
  • June 1 the film is available on all digital platforms

I have to admit, it feels a little anti-climatic after the intensity of the COVID pre-release, but in truth, the next steps are where we will make the bulk of our revenues and where we will need to put a similar amount of energy. This includes publicity, social media, parnterships and events all focused on digital platform sales instead of “theatrical”.

My head isn’t completely around it yet as I was so heavily focused on our theatrical-at-home efforts. Thankfully, our distributor has been driving the digital release and has it moving forward.

More soon on next steps and creative promotions for digital.

♡ Annie


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