Clues and Distraction

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Clues have been left for us all through the release.

Partners, joy, audience, loyalty, friendship, community, happiness, leverage, conversions, sales, support, encouragement, 10%, influencers, sharing.

Yet it’s so easy to slip back into the old, the known, the usual, the ordinary, the abyss, the trodden path, the desire for the norm, for fame, for ease, for studio normalcy.

But it doesn’t work. It hasn’t worked for a long time.

Yet as recently as last week, we tried it again. Even in the face of data.

When in fact, we had already found the answers.

For years, I have been trying to get myself to apply tried and true business practices from other industries to film — and yet even with loud clues, it’s hard to follow the signs.

It’s so easy to get distracted, to hope to get sucked up into the void, into the alien ship of the studio model.

It’s so hard to say again and again, “We don’t need that.” Because what if we are wrong? But we’re not. We are proving it. We have the data to back us up.

We have little successes. And like a non-film business, an actual business, we can follow the clues of little successes, repeat them over and over, create new successes, then add them up to big success.

Why. Don’t. We. Do. This?

Why do indie filmmakers allow ourselves to get distracted?

I think back on writings from years ago. From 2014 when I took business classes and consulted with non-film mentors. I was telling myself even then, leaving clues for myself.

We can do this. I will listen now. And have the strength and courage to stay focused.

It is finally time.


Later, this will make sense.

♡ Annie


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