Packaging the Promotional Materials, Pt. 1

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Today we prepped the promotional packages that will go out to businesses this week. I had some help from Flannery folding boxes and applying labels.

Packages will go out to sixty bars, restaurants and bowling centers. Each venue receives: a raffle box, coasters, and a gift box with DVDs, movie tickets, and t-shirts.

Tomorrow we’ll inventory T-shirts and prep them for shipment, create the gift box labels and movie ticket coupons, and print shipping labels. Tuesday, as many boxes as possible will go out in the mail.

The theaters seem excited that we’re promoting in their communities. It’s been a big effort on our end to call businesses and put the packages together. Hopefully it will be fun for the establishments and have value for the film’s opening weekend.

More photos tomorrow and Tuesday as we pack up the boxes!

♡ Annie


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