Packaging the Promotional Materials, Pt. 4

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In overestimating my packing speed, I missed the FedEx deadline, but I do have stacks and stacks of boxes. I finished at 9pm and feel quite accomplished.

Flannery and I slept 16 hours on and off yesterday and both woke up feeling better. Shipping took all day in between breaks to nurse my cough and cuddle on the couch with Flann who is still sick. Thankfully, I am better.

Our garage became packing central.

Chaos for awhile.
The gift boxes.
Contents with coasters, raffle box and gifts.
Gift box and personalized thank you notes.
The first box!
Ready for FedEx. This makes me happy.

I started out skeptical, but I am really happy with how the kits turned out. Now to see how they are received by the businesses and theaters.

This project has taken a lot of time, but today it was actually nice to get up and moving — away from the computer…

Special thanks to Dave Marshall for his work on the graphics.

♡ Annie


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